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FAT CHAT: Lauren Conrad Has a Big Fat Boyfriend!

alg_lauren_conrad_shapeI need to get my book to LC! In the September issue of Shape, former Hills star Lauren Conrad revealed that in the beginning of her relationship with actor Kyle Howard, she gained more than a new best friend:

“I call it the ‘boyfriend layer’,” she says. “We were having more romantic dinners out, and I was exercising less.”

So how did the California girl reclaim her stunning bikini bod in time to make the magazine’s September cover?

By hitting the gym with her honey.

“I just ask Kyle, ‘You feel like working out?'” she says, adding that they spend most of their together time outside anyway.

“We like doing outdoor stuff: tennis, bike riding, kayaking, surfing, hiking,” she says. “It’s more fun than hitting the gym alone.”

Good for them for getting outside and moving more! What’s the last active thing you did with your honey? (And does anyone have Lauren’s address?) ;)


Bugles: One Snack That’s Bad Enough to Blacklist

picture-1Okay, there are very few foods that I will put on my will-not-eat list. Blacklisting foods isn’t necessary, realistic, or very fun at all, as you can pretty much enjoy your fave not-so-healthy foods if you have a serving or so and workout and eat well the rest of the time. But I have found a food that isn’t worth the energy it takes to chew: Bugles.

Why you ask? Let me tell you. When my brother—who is currently relocating to Philly for a new job and is staying at my place until he finds his own—plopped down on my couch with a bag of Bugles two nights ago, I was curious. Okay, okay, I was secretly happy. I hadn’t seen Bugles since back in the days of, I don’t know, elementary school, and totally was too happy to snag one from him. But once I popped it in my mouth, it wasn’t the happy flashback to childhood snacking I thought it would be. It was so greasy and fat-filled that I had to flip the bag over and check out the nutritional stats ASAP.

There are EIGHT GRAMS OF SATURATED FAT in a single serving of Bugles. Eight grams! Of saturated fat! That’s 40 percent of the daily allowance for a 2,000-calorie diet and one more gram of saturated fat than a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder! And this is the kind of fat that clogs up arteries and can lead to a host of horrible things, including heart disease.

Of course, upon telling my grows-muscles-in-his-sleep brother, his response was the reason why he’ll make some lucky girl the perfect BFB: “Yeah,” he said, smiling, tossing a few more Bugles back for good measure. “It’s like eating fried corn filled with air.” Ha. Isn’t that lovely?

Well, even if he won’t blacklist them, it’s one less of his snacks that are now laying around the apartment that will be tempting me! I’d rather go have a burger!

WEIGH IN: What’s the worst nutritional sticker shock you’ve had lately?? I want to know!


Is Jessica Simpson’s Tony Romo a BFB??

Everyone is wondering where the lovely Jessica Simpson’s new curvy figure has come from, but we sure have a pretty good idea here, don’t we? Her lovable football-playing BFB! Though Jess looks fabulous and a few love-induced lbs are nothing to cry over, too many can lead to health problems down the road.

But love doesn’t have to mean love handles! You can snuggle up next to your sweetie and still slip on your skinny jeans no matter what high-carb, high-fat foods he exposes you to. There are so many simple ways to swap out sugary snacks for healthy ones and totally-good-for-you meals you can whip up in place of his regular burgers, fries and wings!

Now, if only I could get a copy of YBFB to Jess so she knows she’s not the only girl battling boyfriend baggage … somehow I don’t think she’s checking her MySpace page, do you?