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New Study: Living With Men Makes Women Fat

MORE PROOF OF BFB SYNDROME!: Saying “I do” or even living with a man may cause a larger waistline, according to a 10-year study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. WNBC’s Roseanne Colletti reports.

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YBFB WARNING: Microsoft and Burger King Release Seven-Patty Whopper for Windows 7 Launch

article-1222380-06ee6e1b000005dc-863_634x448In what may be the grossest, strangest, and totally terrible-for-you marketing scheme yet, Burger King and Microsoft teamed up to create a seven-patty Whopper to mark the release of Windows 7. The mammoth burger contains more than 2,500 calories and went on sale in Japan outlets today.

“I need to shower after holding it in my hands,” said one customer, Kyoko Yamamoto, after merely trying to get a grip on the sandwich. “Grease is running down my arms,” she added. “There is no way you could eat that.”

I’m with her, but somehow I’m afraid many BFBs would disagree! Let’s hope BK isn’t crazy enough to bring it here.


Is Jessica Simpson’s Tony Romo a BFB??

Everyone is wondering where the lovely Jessica Simpson’s new curvy figure has come from, but we sure have a pretty good idea here, don’t we? Her lovable football-playing BFB! Though Jess looks fabulous and a few love-induced lbs are nothing to cry over, too many can lead to health problems down the road.

But love doesn’t have to mean love handles! You can snuggle up next to your sweetie and still slip on your skinny jeans no matter what high-carb, high-fat foods he exposes you to. There are so many simple ways to swap out sugary snacks for healthy ones and totally-good-for-you meals you can whip up in place of his regular burgers, fries and wings!

Now, if only I could get a copy of YBFB to Jess so she knows she’s not the only girl battling boyfriend baggage … somehow I don’t think she’s checking her MySpace page, do you?

Health-ify That Boy: Buddha Bellies Bad for the Brain

Next time you’re lying next to your boy, take a peek at his paunch. A study out this week found that those sporting a large belly had more than three times the risk of developing dementia later in life than those who had a normal-size stomach. How big are we talkin’? If the height of his hump measures more than 9.8 inches from the mattress to the top of the dome, he could be at risk. But even if your bed looks like twin peaks—the study found the same to be true for both men and women—don’t fret. Belly fat is the easiest to burn off! So with a little sweat and a few less sweets, you and your boy will be able to recall the good ol’ days long past those hairs turn gray. (Or he loses them—whichever comes first!)

Fit Tip: A Little Does a Lot

Tempted to skip that workout for yet another evening of quality couch time? Keep this in mind as you reach for another salty serving of your BFB’s chips: Researchers at the University of Michigan found that a single sweat session amps up the body’s fat-burning capabilities and decreases insulin resistance — a major precursor for type 2 diabetes. The flip side? Researchers found that one day of overeating put the breaks on fat-burning. So if you do wind up channel surfing, monitor those munchies.

Happy News for Fish Fans

If the last time a BFB dragged you into a Long John Silver’s the grease in the air was so thick you almost slid off the yellow benches, take heart. The fry-happy chain plans to unveil a nonfried menu later this month. Choose from Grilled Pacific Salmon, Grilled Tilapia or Shrimp Scampi — all 10 grams of fat or less. Not a bad catch, considering one piece of battered fish will set you back 260 calories and 16 grams of fat. Steer clear of his hushpuppies and you can brave the waters of LJS without submarining your diet.